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3 Ways to have Longer Lasting Manicure

Longer Lasting Manicure

A professional manicure can be the perfect thing to lift your spirits and give you some much deserved TLC. The team at Salon Sleek loves to pamper our clients with manicures—from solid colour to French tips to intricate designs. Your fingernails are a blank canvas that you can accessorize to suit your mood and personality!

One of the hardest parts of a manicure is keeping your nails looking Day 1 fresh—free of chips, dents, and breaks. Here are some pro tips to keep your fingers tip top!


Reapply topcoat throughout the week

Topcoat is the protective layer between your polish and the outside elements. It is designed to keep your manicure looking great, but can wear down during daily activities. Think washing the dishes, shampooing your hair, or gardening outside—all these tasks cause your topcoat to wear down.

We recommend reapplying topcoat every 4 days for the best results!


Avoid hand sanitizer and harsh cleaning products

Alcohol-based solutions, such as hand sanitizer, glass cleaner, and disinfecting sprays, share some properties with nail polish remover and can take the shine off your manicure. Switch to antibacterial hand soap and use gloves when cleaning to keep your polish intact.


File down for fast fixes

If you nails start to crack or split, gently file down the nail as soon as possible. This limits the damage to the polish and to your nail. File into a shape similar to your natural nail bed and reseal with topcoat to complete the fix. Be sure to “wrap” the topcoat around your nail edge to seal in the protection.

Now that you know how to make a mani last- call Salon Sleek today to schedule your spa-quality manicure. Treat yourself to a relaxing indulgence that makes you look and feel great!