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4 Autumn Hair Colour Trends to Spice Up Your Look

Autumn Hair

Cooler weather is right around the corner—time to change up your look! Autumn is the season for rich, warm hues and edgy, bold colours. Imagine the reds, ambers, and browns of the changing leaves meet the soft lightness of the first frost. Whether you are more of a cider by the fire or brisk walk at dawn, there is an autumn hair colour to suit your style. Here are some of the coolest trends for coming season:


1.     Smoky Lilac 

Are you a girl who wants to make a statement, but in an understated way? Have you always wanted to rock a bold colour but get dye-shy? Smoky lilac is the autumn look for you! A combination of ombre meets colour trends, smoky lilac blends the delicate hue of lavender with blues and greys to create an ethereal look that quietly stands out. We love this look on longer hair with lots of layers.


2.     Snowlights 

Snowlights are the latest hi lite trend. You know the look when you are leaving the pub and a light snow is falling—dusting the top of your head with soft, glittering snow? Snowlights give you that look without the cold snow and chilly air. Ask your Salon Sleek stylist to add a bright hi lite to the crown of your head for the snowlights look.


3.     Rose Gold 

Transform your hair into the world’s favourite gold hue. Rose gold is a light blonde mixed with a delicate pink to achieve that subtle mix of cool and warm. This autumn hair colour trend is perfect for those with fairer skin or naturally red hair.


4.     Autumn Red

The name speaks for itself—autumn hair colour trends would not be complete without a rich, warm red. If you have gone red or auburn before, you know that this look seamlessly transitions from fall to winter and can be customized with light blonde hi lites or caramel brown lo lites. If you do go red, be sure to use a colour safe shampoo to keep your hue true after washing and styling.


Whether you want to go cool and chic or warm and soft, the expert colourists at Salon Sleek can give you the perfect autumn hair colour. Call us today to book your appointment!