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Should You Go Short? Pro Tips for Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Celebrities are bringing short hairstyles back—from edgy crops to fun bobs. Have you thought about going Emma Watson or Victoria Beckham and wondered whether you can rock the same look? Try this simple test to see if a short hairstyle is the right cut for you!

Here’s the trick: Place a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Measure the height of where the pencil and the ruler intersect.

Less than 2.25 inches? Go for the chop.

Longer than 2.25 inches? Long hair will be the more flattering choice.

Now this rule isn’t concrete- you can always rock a short style! The team at Salon Sleek has years of experience in short cuts and looks. From changing up your already cropped cut to a full makeover, we will work with you to find a look that you love. We consult with you to learn your hair care routine, daily activities, and personal preferences. Short haircuts can be either maintenance free or require daily styling and some may benefit from more frequent trims and cuts. Be honest with your stylist and tell them what you want—from no maintenance wash and go to the perfectly pieced pixie.

Want to rock your own celeb-inspired short hairstyle? Call Salon Sleek and make an appointment today!