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Keep Your Feet Healthy with a Pedicure


A pedicure is a complete sensory experience—from the warm Jacuzzi soak, skin treatments and massages, and perfectly painted toenails. Most of us think about pedicures as a cosmetic treatment, but there are proven health benefits that extend beyond your feet and impact your entire body. At Salon Sleek, we design our pedicure experiences to support your holistic wellness and to keep your tootsies looking fabulous!

Pedicures start with a warm soak that includes special products to enhance your circulation, remove toxins, and add aromatic qualities. The warm soak refreshes the circulatory system and increases blood flow throughout the body—reducing inflammation, improving flexibility, and helping with joint pain. The technician then provides an exfoliating scrub and soothing lotions via custom massages. The exfoliation and massage heals the muscular stresses and microscopic skin tears in the calves and feet. Leaving you feeling relaxed and healthy!

The pedicure ends with a cleaning, shaping, and painting of the toenails. This removes dead skin, callouses, and reduces the risk of infection. Our team shapes your toenails to prevent ingrowns and align growth. Similar to a manicure, you can customize your pedicure polish and enjoy freshly painted toes. We recommend trying bright, bold, or dark colours to see what you love!

Improve your overall health and wellness, ease stress, and feel pretty with a professional pedicure from Salon Sleek. Call us today to make an appointment.