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Perk Up with a Permanent


Permanents or perms are not just the tight curls and big hair that we all loved in the 1980s. The experts at Salon Sleek can tailor your permanent to provide the perfect mix of curl and volume for your hair. From loose, tousled waves to bouncy curls, you can get the look you want with a one-time treatment.

How does a permanent work? First, you and your stylist will talk through your ideal style. The amount and type of curl you want determines the rollers and quantity needed. Think about it like professionally styling your hair with a curling iron. You might choose a 1” curling iron for face framing pieces and a 2” iron to add volume in the back. Want simple waves and just a wee bit of volume? Our pro stylists can turn down the curl and use fewer rollers to add just a touch of glam.

Next, time to get rolling…your stylist will twist your hair through the rollers and use different angles to create a soft, natural look. Once you are all rolled up, a combination of safe chemicals will be applied to permanently curl your strands to the desired look. After you set, the stylist will wash out the chemicals and add a deep conditioning treatment. Remember not to wash your hair with water for at least 24 hours to allow the permanent to have maximum hold!

Ready to try out your own curly style? Call Salon Sleek and schedule your permanent today!