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Get the Style You Want with Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Want to change up your look without waiting months for your hair to grow? Hair extensions can take your current hair style and turn it into the one of your dreams! Salon Sleek knows that extensions are not just for adding length—but who doesn’t love those long, flowing locks! We use natural hair extensions to build volume, add texture, and personalize your style to you.

Hair extensions can be either a long term commitment or short term fun. We recommend that you try extensions first to see what type and style work best for you.

Start by exploring different hair styles. Look at images on Pinterest and in magazines to see what appeals to you. Save these and bring them into your appointment.

Talk with your stylist and be honest—explain your normal beauty routine, daily activities etc. The team at Salon Sleek can customize your extensions to make them fit into your lifestyle.

Avoid extensions that require a lot of maintenance or that aren’t versatile. Some days you might want to just throw your hair up and run errands around town. Other days you might want a glamorous look for a special event.

Listen to your stylist. They will tell you how to care for your extensions so that you get the look you want! They also might recommend products that can extend the lifecycle of your extensions.

Want to try extensions for yourself? Call Salon Sleek today and book your appointment—get ready to explore your new look!