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Try Gelish Polish for Long Lasting Manicures

Gelish polish

Love the look of a fresh manicure, but worry that you are going to chip your new nails? Some of us are more prone to nail fails than others—whether it’s fumbling for your keys, cleaning the flat, playing with the kids, or gardening in the yard. To keep your mani looking perfect for days (even weeks after your appointment), get a manicure with Gelish polish from Salon Sleek.

Gelish polish is a gel that you apply to the nail just as you would regular polish. The difference between regular polish and Gelish is the way it bonds to the nail. Gelish adheres to the nail by bonding to your natural Keratin, allowing it to grow with your nail and continue to adhere to the surface. Unlike Shellac polish, which is a non-gel permanent polish, Gelish does not require time under UV lamps. Instead, Gelish polish is set with safer LED lamps and can be easily removed by buffing.

On average, a Gelish manicure will last at least two weeks or more depending on your daily activities. You can help the polish to last longer by wearing gloves when doing chores and by keeping your nails trimmed and filed. There are also a ton of fantastic colours available in Gelish—from bright pops to rich hues to classic colours. You can completely customize your Gelish manicure to suit your style!

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