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10 Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Hair

We all love long hair, it’s romantic and feminine. But, it can become quite a chore taking care of it day to day. From mornings when you wake up late for work to busy nights taking care of the kiddos to getting sweaty at the gym, long hair can really weigh you down sometimes. The stylists at Salon Sleek have 10 quick hairstyles for long hair that solve many of your long hair challenges. Try one out the next time you are in a rush and can’t fuss with your hair:


1. Messy Bun

Perfect for chores and errands. Add a thin headband to keep strands off your face, or tie a bandana or scarf for a fun retro look.


2. Side Twist

Start by parting your hair as your normally would. Then, take a 1-2 inch section from either side and twist it a couple times. Use bobbies in an X cross to pin the twist to the side of your head allowing the ends to flow down naturally.


3. Braided Low Bun

Taking a low braid and wrapping it into a bun instantly adds flair to an easy look. We love this style for mornings when you oversleep or when you know there is a long day ahead and you can’t be bothered by long hair.


4. Wrapped Ponytail

Upgrade your standard ponytail by taking a ½ inch section from the bottom and wrapping it around the elastic. Secure with a bobby and you have a simple chic look.


5. Over the Shoulder Braid

If you have really long hair this style is a lifesaver! Braid your hair from the nape of your neck and carry the braid down one side over your shoulder. Bonus- this braid can easily become the low bun in style #3.


6. The Poof

Take a small triangular section of hair at the front of your head. Hold it straight up and twist it twice about 2 inches from your scalp. Fold it down and use bobbies in an X to secure it to your head. Push it forward to add bump!


7. Mini Knot

The grownup version of the half up-half down do. This long hairstyle takes a half ponytail and spirals the tail into a little knot. Pin with bobbies for a whimsy look.


8. Little Braids

This look is red-carpet hot right now. Make 3-4 tiny braids on the side of your head, leaving most of your hair flowing free. Use clear elastics to hide the ends.


9. Ballerina Knot

The classic long hairstyle. Create one long twist and wrap it into a knot at the crown of your head. You can secure it with bobbies or try a wide flat headband for a sporty look.


10. Pulled Through Ponytail

Great for those days when you are swamped. Make a ponytail and pull your hair through the elastic one less time than usual. On the last pull, only pull it through halfway leaving some of the tail in the elastic.