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Love Your Look with a Long Hairstyle

Long Hairstyle

Long hairstyles have been a hit for decades and are the perfect look for almost every face. Whether you have naturally long locks or add length with extensions, this hairstyle is easy and versatile. You can style in straight and sleek, add volume and curl, pin it up…the options are endless. But how can you keep your long hair healthy and manageable? Get the pro tips from the team at Salon Sleek:

  • Use a professional quality shampoo that retains your hair’s natural oils and moisture to avoid frizz
  • Do regular conditioning treatments (ask your stylist for how often your hair needs some TLC) to rejuvenate your strands
  • Add protective products when using heat styling. Especially if you blow dry or flat iron on a daily basis
  • Take a break from daily shampooing to allow natural oils to restore your scalp and strands
  • Get regular trims to keep your ends healthy and free of splits and damage

Keeping your long hair healthy is key to having a fab hairstyle! And feel free to change up your look with a new cut—add bangs, change your part, or play with layers. The current trends are favoring center or middle parts with long layers and natural looking waves. The casual “I woke up like this look”. You can get this look and actually just wake up and go if you have the perfect cut!

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