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  • Keep Your Hair Colour Safe with the Right Hair Care Routine

    Right Hair Care

    The team at Salon Sleek wants you to love your hair colour from the moment you leave the chair and throughout the next 6-8 weeks. Keeping your colour safe means investing in the right hair care routine for your hair and hue. This varies based on your natural colour,...

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  • 4 Autumn Hair Colour Trends to Spice Up Your Look

    Autumn Hair

    Cooler weather is right around the corner—time to change up your look! Autumn is the season for rich, warm hues and edgy, bold colours. Imagine the reds, ambers, and browns of the changing leaves meet the soft lightness of the first frost. Whether you are more of a cider...

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  • Wedding Planning: Bridal Makeup Tips

    Bridal Makeup

    On your wedding day, you want to look fresh, fabulous, and flawless all day—from pictures to the ceremony to the reception and onto the honeymoon. That means your bridal makeup needs to stand up to the challenges of the weather, happy tears, kisses, toasts, dancing & more. The professionals...

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  • Wedding Planning: Bridal Hair

    Bridal Hair

    Your wedding day is one of the biggest (and most photographed) days of your life. Everyone dreams of the perfect day and looking breathtaking in their bridal attire. Once you have “said yes” to the dress, it’s time to finalize your day-of look with bridal hair. The team at...

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  • 4 Reasons to Get a Spa Facial

    Spa Facial

    A spa facial does more than just pamper your face—it cleanses, restores, and rejuvenates your skin and spirit. At Salon Sleek, our professional therapists are certified in both the Dermalogica and CACI facial methods. Each client is different so each facial is completely customized to your complexion and beauty...

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  • 5 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage reduces chronic pain, repairs injured muscles, and relieves stress. Each massage session promotes total physiological relaxation by targeting deep muscles and fascia across the body. Examples of targeted areas include the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and quads. These areas often bear the brunt of daily...

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