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  • Perk Up with a Permanent


    Permanents or perms are not just the tight curls and big hair that we all loved in the 1980s. The experts at Salon Sleek can tailor your permanent to provide the perfect mix of curl and volume for your hair. From loose, tousled waves to bouncy curls, you can...

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  • Get the Style You Want with Hair Extensions

    Hair Extensions

    Want to change up your look without waiting months for your hair to grow? Hair extensions can take your current hair style and turn it into the one of your dreams! Salon Sleek knows that extensions are not just for adding length—but who doesn’t love those long, flowing locks!...

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  • Essential Oils for Massage Therapy

    Essential Oils

    Salon Sleek offers a variety of massage therapy services designed to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing. Massage goes beyond just relaxation and relieving stress—it improves circulation, reduces muscle tension, and increases flexibility. You can further enhance these benefits by adding essential oils and aromatherapy to your massage experience....

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