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More than just a wash, cut, and dry

Our expertly trained stylists consult each client, assess their hair’s health, and provide a recommended style. Your consultation starts by asking you what you are looking for—do you want a trim, more volume, or maybe a completely new look? Our hair stylists listen to your needs and suggest options that will work well with your hair type and hair care routine.

Once you are happy with the plan, we will wash and prep your hair for styling. A luxurious shampoo, with our professional-grade salon products, and invigorating scalp massage create the perfect palate for your cut. Our stylists check in with you throughout the haircut and provide sample lengths and angles to ensure you love your look. We aren’t satisfied unless you are beaming and tousling your new locks!


Hair Care and Treatments

Healthy hair isn’t just about cuts and colour. Your hair’s health is maintained by quality care and restorative treatments. Throughout your appointment, our stylists will use professional products that are tailored to your hair type. From sleek and straight, to bouncy curls, our experts can get your tresses healthy and runway ready.

Looking for a more lasting solution? Salon Sleek specializes in Keratin straightening and permanents. Our trained staff can take your hair from frizzy and wild to smooth and straight with a long-lasting Keratin treatment. Want more curl and volume? A permanent can add the lightness you want without looking over-processed. From ringlet curls to subtle waves, Salon Sleek’s team can custom your permanent to suit your style.

To add fullness and length, consider extensions to grow your mane into lush, glamorous hair. We can add layers and length or try something funky with fun colors or texturized extensions.

Hair at Salon Sleek is all about you—from its health to the cut to the enhancements—you will leave looking fabulous and fresh!